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       Specialty Sandwiches
BLT $5.50
real or veggie
Grilled Cheese - $4.50 (add bacon or ham $2.00)
Gainesville Green - $6.50
lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, green pepper, avocado, swiss, sprouts and muenster...on wheat with mustard and mayo
Haifa Hummus - $6.50 
hummustomato, lettuce, sprouts and avocado...on wheat
Melts - $7.00
grilled rye with swiss and tuna or chicken salad
Brooklyn Bridge - $8.00
hot corned beef and pastrami, grilled onions, sauerkraut, muenster, provolone
mustard and mayo...on a sub
Cali Chicken - $8.00
grilled breast, provolone, avocado, lettuce, tomato and mayo...on a sub
also available veggie or vegan
Cheese Steak - $7.50
grilled steak, onion, mushroom and pepper with provolone, lettuce, tomato
and mayo...on a sub
also available chicken, veggie or vegan
Dixie Chicken - $8.00
blackened chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo...on a sub
Gobble Gobble Oink - $7.50
classic turkey bacon club
Hammy Hooban - $7.50
hot ham with bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard... on a sub
Leo's Jerome Avenue - $7.50
hot corned beef with cole slaw and Russian dressing...on rye
Lox, Stock and Bagel - $9.00
open faced bagel with nova lox, cream cheese, tomato and onion
Mambo Combo - $8.00
roast beef, turkey, ham, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and mayo...on a sub
Middletown Mike's - $8.00
grilled pastrami, muenster, coleslaw and russian dressing...on pumpernickel
Reuben - $7.50
grilled corned beef with sauerkraut, swiss and russian dressing...on rye
also available turkey, veggie or vegan
Build your own sandwich
All sandwiches come with chips. Tax included.
Add french fries for $1.50
(we roast our own turkey and corn our own beef!)
egg salad, chicken salad, ham, tuna salad - $6.00
corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, vegetarian turkey, turkey and chicken breast - $7.50
           Cheeses (add $.50)           
american, cheddar, muenster, provolone, swiss, pepper
jack, vegan
 pumpernickel, rye, wheat, white, wrap
  add $.75 for sub roll, bagel, croissant, square english muffin or sesame bun
cucumber, green pepper, lettuce, onion, sprouts,
tomato, honey mustard, deli or yellow mustard,
vegan mayonnaise and vinaigrette 
add $.50 avocado, cole slaw, sauerkraut and hummus
    All Day Breakfast
            Bagel with Cream Cheese - $1.75
          Egg and Cheese - $3.50
with bacon, ham, turkey bacon or turkey sausage - $4.50
(or veggie sausage or bacon) - $4.50  
       scrapple or steak - $5.00
                                                        Omelet Platter - $8.00                                 
pick a cheese and veggies, add meat for $1.00
served with hash browns and toast  
          Omelet Only - $6.50
       Belly Buster - $7.50
         ham, bacon, sausage , cheese and egg on a toasted sub roll
          Breakfast Platter - $7.50
            two eggs any style, choice of meat, hash browns and toast
Breakfast Burrito - $7.00
the day's most important meal all jammed into a large flour tortilla
        Made to Order Corned Beef Hash Platter - $9.00
       two eggs any style, corned beef hash and toast
        French Toast- $6.00
            Pancakes- $6.00
Banana Pancakes - $6.50
           1/2 Pound Mike's Burgers & Becca's Veggie Burgers
Cheese Burger - $6.50
Patty Melt - $6.50
Bacon Cheddar - $7.50
Mushroom Swiss - $7.50
Blackened with Avocado - $7.50
Ham and Swiss - $7.50
Bacon and Egg - $8.00
      Sides and Extras       
Homemade Soup - $4.50
French Fries - $3.00 with sandwich - $1.50
Hash browns - $2.50
Small salad - $4.00
Large salad - $6.00
Cole slaw- $2.50
Potato salad - $2.50
Chef's salad - $8.00
Grits - $3.00
Side toast - $1.00
Side egg - $2.00
Side Breakfast Meat - $2.50
Oatmeal - $3.00
Real Maple Syrup - $1.50
Corned Beef Hash - $6.50
Hot Diggity Dogs
Plain Jane - $2.50
Slaw Dog (cole slaw, yellow mustard)$3.00
Brooklyn Dog (potato salad, yellow mustard) - $3.00
Bolivian Dog (lettuce, tomato, mayo) - $3.00
Chili Dog (homemade chili, cheddar, onions) - $3.00
Chicago Dog (relish, onion, tomato, yellow mustard) - $3.00
Reuben Dog (sauerkraut, swiss, and russian dressing) - $3.50
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